Ubuntu & Forge – Minecraft 1.12.2 start up crash

I’ve been trying to switch over most of my gaming to Ubuntu, since Windows 10 is figuratively causing me to rip my hair out. So I tried starting MC 1.12.2 vanilla and it booted up fast and worked better than I could’ve hoped for, so naturally I go “Heeey… Let’s get Forge up and running, add some mods and see how that goes”. I managed to get it to install Forge (thank you stackoverflow) and then upon pressing “play” it does the start of the loading progress bar and then decides to crash. I don’t have any crash-logs to speak of and I am at a complete loss.

I was hoping one of you, might’ve had something similar happen and perhaps have come up with a solution?

So I might’ve resolved it the most lazy but yet easy way possible, I downloaded MultiMC and then let that get Forge for me, it launched the game perfectly this time, and I now have access to mods. If anyone is facing the same issue, instead of like me giving up and making a post =) , try MultiMC to see if that works.