Bee’s in Minecraft?


Bee’s in Minecraft?

So i know that i am probably not the first person to suggest it, but why don't we have bees in Minecraft?

They could add a new valuable resource Honey I'd imagine that this could be used as a new food source maybe giving some status like a speed boost when consumed. This new resource could also be used to stick blocks together for example sticking it to the side of a sand block it would have the same effect as a slime block sticking to any block that touched it (on the side with the Honey on it).

As for getting the bees in the first place they could bee collected in flower forest biomes in wild hives that would be hanging off of trees akin to how coco beans hang off of jungle trees. These bees would be very aggressive and get really mad when collected you could however calm the bees down with smoke from the new campfire block.

Then once you have collected the bees as a item drop they could be placed in a playercrafted bee hive and start to produce honey if the conditions are right (water & flowers within a certain range). Once this is don't the honey starts to be produced and to harvested the bees will need to be smoked out otherwise you take damage within 3 blocks of the hive lets say half a heart a second.

These bees could also be breed to be less or more aggressive the trade off to having passive bees is that they produce less than the aggressive bees.