Menoeitus Server


Menoeitus Server

Menoeitus, is a build up of experienced people who have a long term Experience in Managing, Configuring, and running Minecraft servers. We originally started out in January as a server named “PhoenixCraft” But the name and the server did not live up to standards as a Roleplay server is not the best server. So we changed the name to Menoeitus and here we are, coming back again as a reformed group of people hoping to keep you all entertained and happy!

Here at Menoeitus, we have a variety of Ranks. The key to getting promoted is standing out amongst the other players as a responsible mature person. Another key is what we always portray, DONT ASK.


– Be respectful to each other
– Don't spam the chat
– Don't use X-Ray
– Don't use Hacks, you will be banned if we see NoCheat messages.
– Griefing is allowed, so don't moan
– No glitching through walls
– Don't abuse commands @Mod's+
– We are all equal, don't be racist
– Try to speak English in the Chat