Simplistica Server


Simplistica Server

Simplistica is a vanilla survival multiplayer server where you can claim home. The server aims to gather a dedicated group of players who want a more “role-play” style server, minus all the plugins that ruin player to player interaction:

This means all trade is to be done in person, and all travel is done on foot or animal. It places emphasis on real economy.

It also encourages teamwork and community; towns and cities are very much so encouraged, just as long as you abide the (rather lenient) rules;


No Killing, Griefing, or Stealing just to cause havok. Repeat offenders are banned permanently.
No disrespectful language. If I see a slew of slurs scrolling across my screen, the offenders are banned for a certain time
No purposeful crashing of the server.... Self explanatory
No begging for Moderator Status; if you become annoying enough, I'll just ban you for a few days
Try to keep your damage to the environment at a minimum... Unless in dire conflict.
Hacking... Yeah also self explanatory.
No building at spawn. Find a cool place or join a town. You may harvest from there, but keep it pretty


The server isn't garunteed to be constantly on, but I have a discord link for just that reason. Tell me on there if the server is down, and I'll get it up and going.