Sky Eden


Sky Eden

Sky Eden is a bukkit-survival server created back in June 2011. The story goes like this: I was not happy with the many servers I played on. I would be surrounded by rude, immature players who focus on ruining the minecraft experience of others. There would be many times when I'd loose my buildings and items to evil griefers and corrupted admins. I could not find any server I liked. That is when I realized something; I can create a server myself! I can create a server where no Minecraft member would have to deal with immature griefers or abusive administrators. I can create a server that will utilize many features and promote positive character traits. And so… Sky Eden was born!

Sky Eden Rules
1. Be polite and courteous to all.
2. Respect others as you want to be respected.
3. Offer help and assistance to those that need it.
4. Be both resourceful and inquisitive.
5. Practice good morals and ethics.
6. Report issues to staff members immediately.
7. Follow our rules and have a good time.

Ranks of Sky Eden:
Builder Ranks (normal members)
– Trainee
– Scout
– Airman
– Aviator
– Aeronaut
– Pilot
– SkyPilot
Staff Ranks (Mods and Admins that run Sky Eden)
– SkyGuard
– SkyGeneral
– SkyCaptain
For more info on our ranks visit the Path to SkyPilot section or the Sky Eden Rank list section.

Sky Eden Game Features:
Ability to lock chest
Ability to have virtual money
Ability to teleport to center of map
Ability to gain coins from killing monsters (SkyPilot and higher)
Ability to deploy a parachute when falling (Aeronaut and higher)
Ability to earn exp from mining, shoveling, wood cutting.
Able to teleport to any player at any time (donators only)
Able to use the Magic Carpet (donators only)
Able to create chestshops to sell items when your not online
Able to buy items and blocks from our shops at Spawn Palace
Able to emerse yourself in our trademark Sky Eden custom Mountainous seed!
For more information on commands check out our Path to SkyPilot webpage. For special commands given to members that donate, check out our Donator Rewards webpage.